Being conscious consists in the ability to distill useful knowledge from a universe of information, and enable the knowledge to guide-guard ones thoughts and actions.

Conscious ‘n Creative Arts Challenge is a brand that seeks to stimulate the creative instinct of performing and media artistes towards engaging viewer audience in performance communication for consciousness, via a keen competition with assigned reward mechanism.

EVENT: #AskTheAlmighty

This is a 6-stanza poem excerpt from the epilogue of the solo drama titled “Ask the Almighty”, which has been provided as scroll text for entrants on Instagram.

Entrants are expected to do the video recording of a creative performance interpretation of the scroll text, in any of the specified categories- Music, Solo acting, Animation and Audiovisual, and for maximum duration of Three minutes.

The recorded performance shall be posted on Instagram for viewer-audience to access, and to assess by making useful appraisals through “likes” and “comments”.

The viewer audience appraisal shall support a screening committee to select TWENTY entries that are most apt for voting. The viewer audience VOTES will determine the TOP 10 entrants, who will be winners in the Challenge.

The TOP 10 entries will then be assigned to a panel of honorable Judges for adjudication; to decide the scores and positions of the winners, ahead of onward presentation of the cash and consolation prizes.


*  Music

*  Solo-Acting

*  Animation

*  Audiovisual


No entry fee.

Follow @tayoisijola on Instagram, and save the scroll text- #AskTheAlmighty

* Make a video of your creative performance interpretation of the Scroll text- #AskTheAlmighty, as available @tayoisijola, for any of the prescribed categories

* Video for entry should not be more than 3mins (MAX)

* Submit your entry by uploading the video on Instagram with #AskTheAlmighty, and tag @tayoisijola before entry closes

* IF entry video exceeds 59sec, and you cannot tag @tayoisijola after posting on your page, submit your video via Whatsapp to 08169530203. it will get due attention.

* IF your entry obeys the Challenge rules, the Organizers will re-post your video entry @tayoisijola, for the viewer audience to access and assess.

* Once your entry is re-posted, encourage your fans to follow @tayoisijola, and to join in the assessment of entries.


Due to recurring requests of prospective entrants, the set deadline of 22nd August 2020, for #askthealmighty CCAC submissions has been extended till 29th August. This is a firm deadline, and there will be no further extensions.

First, a screening committee shall select TWENTY worthy entries, and this will be based on the useful appraisal made by viewer audience on Instagram, and the aptness of performance content.

Next, the entries selected by screening shall be published on the Challenge’s website- www.ccac.com.ng for the viewer audience to VOTE for the TOP 10 entrants, who will be winners of the cash and consolation prizes.

* An honorable panel of Judges will adjudicate and score the TOP 10 entrants, for onward presentation of prizes according to their positions


Saturday August 8th     –    Submission  of  Entry Opens

Saturday August 22nd     –    Submission of Entry Closes

Saturday August 8th – 29rd    –   Viewer Audience can Access and Assess Entry submissions 

Saturday August 24th    –    Entries   selected   by   screening   are   posted

Friday September 4th    –   Voting   by    Viewer   Audience     commences 

Saturday September 5th     –     Voting    by   Viewer     Audience    Closes  

Saturday September 12th   –    Publish Scores, Positions & Presentation of Prizes



* The list of selected entries shall be published on Instagram, Face book, and the CCAC website (ccac.com.ng) from Monday 31st August 2020.

* Voting shall take place online at the CCAC website from Friday 4th September through Saturday 5th September 2020.

* ONLY Instagram users who have followed the challenge @tayoisijola before Saturday 29th August 2020 (extended closing date for submission of entries), are elegible to vote.

* An elegible voter will qualify to vote ONLY after registering interest by providing Email address and IG handle, ONLY, on the CCAC website or via the link.
(Privacy Assurance: The details provided will only be used descretly for voting purposes, an will not be disclosed publicly, during or after the voting process.)

* Registration of legible voters opens from Sunday 30th August through Wednesday 2nd September 2020

* Voting shall adopts a transparent and credible mode that comes with automated result generator, and the TOP 10 winners shall be published IMMEDIATELY after election on Saturday 5th September 2020

The Winners

Ifeajuna S. Abraham
Maraiyesa Iyanu
Aiyegbusi Demilade
Oluseun Oyetayo
Olatunji Olalekan
Ayorinde Oluwatosin
Nnosiri Judith
Alexander Ekeh
Sani Confidence
Adedigba Toluwalade



The panel of Judges for CCAC #AskTheAlmighhty consists of a team of respectable, established, seasoned and leading performing artistes who are distinguished world over as the crème de la cream of the Nigerian creative arts industries by their accomplishments and contributions to the development of the sector. They fall in the class of the few multi-award recipients, high-profile professionals and sought-after artistes that find the need and the time to mentor and encourage genuine creative Artistes. They are indeed humanitarian, and have remained the delight of their mammoth fans in Nigerian and in the Diaspora.

Bimbo Akintola
Bimbo Akintola
Hilda Dokubo
Sam Dede
Charles Inojie
Charles Inojie
Julius Agwu



It is the initials for Conscious and Creative Arts Challenge, a brand event that provides platforms for creative minds in a competitive forum, bringing enthralling content to viewer audience fun seekers who will assess the contents. Find brief on homage, and the underlying philosophy as contained in the article #AskTheAlmighty- 01, on the blog page.

The challenge is for anyone who desires an artistic boost by demonstrating creativity in the textual interpretation of the scroll text- #AskTheAlmighty through any of the prescribed categories: Music, Solo Acting, and Animation & Audiovisuals. The stakes are relatively low, the prizes are considerably high, and it’s easy to participate

It is an identity code for the CCAC event schedule for August/September 2020, and all collaterals on this CCAC event are coded with this identity. Entrants are expected to post their submissions with the code (#AskTheAlmighty) for smooth collation

This is the 6-stanza poem which all Entrants are expected to interpret creatively in video, through any of the prescribed categories (Muisc. Solo Acting, Animation and Audiovisual). This text has been inscribed on a scroll, and made available on instagram @tayoisijola.

Entry opens for two weeks, and that is sufficient time for any true artiste to incubate the scroll text, and produce a THREE minutes video that is worth viewership.

This refers to the performance communication of the text in video, through any of the specified performing and media arts forms of Music, Solo Acting, Animation and Audiovisual, for submission.

No. The challenge categories are specific. Music, Solo-Acting, Animation and Audio Visual

Yes. Contortment is a specialized use of the body, and this can be reckoned as Solo acting for a single performer, if the performance is mimetic and the voiceover rendition is made to support the mime.

Yes. A chorus or refrain creation agrees with the musical art form. This may go well if the entrant will remain consistent with the artistic flow and performance style, in the use of such minimal creation, and within time frame. Read #Askthealmighty- 03 on the blog page for more details of how this may apply to the other categories)  

The creation of animation and audiovisual for the interpretation of the scroll text are possible entries for Media Artistes. Smartphone technology has opened users to a vista of skills that includes media art of animation. Hence, an animator entrant can take advantage of the simplified app to create characters and engage them for animation styled mimesis of the scroll text. In a similar manner, Audiovisual artistes can employ the use of visuals in the form of images, video footages or, and motion graphics, with recorded sound (narration, voiceover, or, and effect music) in a creatively harmonized collage for the challenge. 

Onward career engagement is not captured in the brief of the challenge, because it is neither a talent hunt nor an audition medium. It is rather a social forum to stimulate the creative instinct of the performing and media artistes in a competitive performance communication with viewer audience fun seekers. Obviously, it takes more than aspiring for any of the prizes to be an entrant. Most Entrants are driven by the need to showcase and exhibit innate capacities to the organizers, the vast viewer audience of fun seekers, and the respectable members of the panel of Judges, for onward career prospects. This is a possibility, as submissions will be referential digital footprints that can serve for career engagement and development in the creative industries.

The creation of performing and media arts contents has always been a team-work in many ramifications. However the category of entrant should guide in the manner at which team service will suffice. With Music, for instance, there may be the need to employ teamwork in the presentation of the music performance for harmony/accompaniment, which may bring team members on the screen. Whereas, it is absolutely necessary that the Solo-Actor remains the only individual on the screen, in spite untold roles played by other team members, off-screen. However, Entrants are recognized as individuals in all categories.

This is possible, because the language art is also an expression in creativity. More so, the selection of winners will hinge on the viewer audience choice, by voting. Hence, the use of indigenous language may not be discouraged, so long as there is provision for English subtitle to ensure smooth communication.

No. All entrants are expected to make a single submission for the challenge. It is one entrant, one entry.

A huge fan base is no guarantee for winning. It is somewhat important for the entrant’s fans to participate in the assessment process. The Challenge is being publicized to attract a huge viewer audience that includes fun seekers, performing and media arts experts and enthusiasts, who will provide useful critical comments that will serve the selection committee and enable voters make informed decisions. Fans favourable comments that are false will not be fashionable in the face of abiding critically useful appraisals. The challenge believes that a good art will speak by itself for the artiste. So, the challenge may occasion the situation of fan conversion, where fans will give their support an otherwise worthy entrant. The critical appraisals of Viewer audience will ultimately reveal worthy entries for screening selection, and a creditable voting process will produce the winners.     

  • If entrant fails to agree to the T&C received upon submission
  • If entry exceeds 3 minutes (180 seconds)
  • If the visual is too poor
  • If the audio of the entry is overwhelmed by surrounding sound
  • If the entry content is not the Scroll text

Giving the possibility of a huge number of published entries, there is the need to make VOTING less cumbersome. The task of determining TOP 10 entry winners by Viewer audience choice to be eased through the evaluation of all published entries by the useful appraisal comments of the viewer audience, for selection of TWENTY most appropriate entries thereupon. That is the task of the screening committee.

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terms and conditions

Read and ensure that you agree to the Terms and Conditions below. Then be ready to provide your IG handle, Email, and full names (as would appear on your account details) when requested. 

  • My video entry can be used as promotion content for the #askthealmighty event, and for future events of the Creative ‘n Creative Arts Challenge (CCAC).
  • I shall not make a second entry video for CCAC-#askthealmighty.
  • Should my video entry win any of the prizes, I will confirm to the receipt of the prize won to the organizers on IG. 

our mission

Our mission is to provide media content that gear towards consciousness via a competitive forum for the creative expression of performing arts skills, and for the viewer audience to access and assess them.